Pictures of La Jolla at sunset

Seals and sea lions in La Jolla

San Diego is gorgeous and especially its oceanside neighborhood of La Jolla. Here are some of my favorite pictures that I took while exploring around sunset.

Background: To try to catch the bioluminescent waves (click the link, because if bright glowing waves don’t make you feel like you live in a fairy tale, I don’t know what will), my boyfriend and I spent our (seven month) anniversary here. Though we didn’t catch the waves, we still had a fun and leisurely paced stroll.

We parked at a restaurant, rather than the parking lot actually close to La Jolla Cove. So to get to the waterfront, we had to walk through an alleyway off of Prospect Street, filled with colorful Mediterranean style buildings and a bunch of “no trespassing – guests only signs.” It turned out these were a few different hotels, including La Valencia Hotel and La Jolla Cove Hotel & Suites. I am including names because their buildings were adorable- especially with the sun rays reflecting off their pinkish hues.

Note: Most of these pictures are heavily edited because I was in a high brightness, low saturation kind of mood. These things look much more breathtaking in real life.

picture of pathway at la jolla hotel and suites

picture of pathway at la jolla hotel and suites

Once out of the maze of cute, we stumbled upon Ellen Browning Scripps Park, a small stretch of green right before the dramatic ocean views. At this time it was filled with healthy people running, couples strolling, and cute old groups of people taking selfies.

picture of tree before la jolla shoreline

Past the park is the ocean of course. This picture doesn’t show it, but the waves were especially heavy crashing on the rocks.

picture of pacific ocean

Speaking of couples, I honestly think I got an accidental picture of this couple proposing. Let me know if people need a mediocre wedding photographer and can pay in the amount of my student loans.

picture of pacific ocean

The other thing about this area is that there are a lot of animals. Probably least interesting of which are the birds.

picture of birds in la jolla

And more interesting of which are the seals and sea lions that come up to the rocks to relax. Even though they’re cute and there’s a walkway to some of the rocks, you should follow the signs and NOT go near the animals- remember the video of the girl who got dragged in by a sea lion? Anyway, this picture was supposed to be a picture of two seals kissing, but I’m still learning how to take live action shots.

picture of ocean in la jolla

As we walked along the path, we inched closer to La Jolla Cove. It would be interesting to come to the actual coves during the day, and there’s a ton to do besides just walking along the pathway as we did, but since it was getting dark, this is where the sunset picture tour ends.

la jolla cove

Bonus: Entirely because I could not resist posting a food picture (and the food pictures aren’t edited!) We actually started this La Jolla adventure at Duke’s, one in a family of Hawaiian restaurants. The views at the top of the restaurant are gorgeous. Check out this bird and the cliffs!

bird at duke's la jolla

We missed happy hour, but one reason I love San Diego so much is because many restaurants additionally have a daily special. Since we were there on a Thursday, the special was $10 local plates. Obviously I got that at a restaurant where a single entree could otherwise run you $36 deep (but hey- it’s an ocean view chain restaurant, so do you really expect?), and the boyfriend got fish and chips.

poke at duke's la jolla

fish and chips at duke's la jolla

As you can tell from these pictures vs. the lack of food pictures on posts that are actually food related, I am attempting to improve these skills…

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