Life changes: A not travel related post on a so called travel blog

A few months ago, I posted that I was basically depressed (but then I deleted it because it was too real).

Fast forward to New Years Eve 2017, and despite the fact that Donald Trump and his administration are still in power, I am no longer depressed.

What changed?

1.I live closer to people I care about. If you ever have to choose between being close to a loved one in their time of need vs. doing something/anything else, choose the former. Quality time, even with people who appear emotionless and cold, means a ton. As someone older and wiser once reminded me, time is everything because one day the people you could spend it with will be gone.


2. Specifically, I moved to San Diego. This city is the cutest (disclaimer: ignoring huge homeless problem that needs to be solved. Let’s make (the) America(s) great in the first place by providing people with easy access to basic human resources). Since it’s a new city, every day feels like I’m on vacation. The weather is perfect. The food is amazing and affordable (compared to other cities). The landscape is gorgeous. I feel like I live in a fairy tale every day (if I block out work and social issues). I don’t know if I could live here forever because of the climate apocalypse, but for now it’s a ton of fun.

Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 10.22.44 PM3. I found my soulmate. Many of my past posts referenced a relationship which was not entirely healthy, but I thought it was at the time because I didn’t know any better. So, I don’t care what your friends or favorite thinkpieces say, there are some people who can make you feel happy constantly, who you just click with without changing yourself, who you don’t fight with at all because you just fit together perfectly, and who you understand and who understands you completely. Or at least that’s what we found in each other and what we like in relationships (the other thing I learned is that one person’s relationship advice generally doesn’t fit other people, because everyone is different).

So, even though the US is beginning to fall like Rome, my personal life is ending 2017 on a positive note. Here’s to a 2018 full of travel and hopefully a blue Congress.

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