Memories of Barcelona

The beachfront in Barcelona

This blog was started partially because I could not remember what I did in Barcelona. Before everything totally escapes me, I wanted to capture some of my memories. You can follow along if you care or are bored below!

My first walking tour. The guide was British and from Bath. He wasn’t that cute, but he had the best accent (these are my memories okay don’t judge). Apparently Barcelona is popular for British expats, he said. I realized that I actually like walking tours a lot- you can learn a ton, I love walking, and it supports the travelers who run these tours if you make a donation at the end.

How each district of Barcelona has preserved a specific time period, and how other religions and cultures from back in the day influenced the culture now.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

The multitude of Catalunya flags everywhere, the palpable pride in being from here, and the petitions to Free Catalan. I even bought a phone case with the flag, but silly Americans (kidding) thought it was the Puerto Rico flag.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

This march of Nigerians in Barcelona to #bringbackourgirls (tbt to Boko Haram). I love when people take a stand for what they believe in!

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How unhappy a few of the Pakistani immigrants I met were, and how they thought I was lucky to have lived in the US instead of Europe. I thought this was funny then and is still funny now because Trump, but the grass is probably always greener on the other side.

The chocolate street. We stumbled upon the street known for dipping chocolate and churros, and they were so tasty. It’s different from the dipping chocolate in France and the dipping chocolate of Italy, and MUCH different from hot chocolate in the US.

Churro and dipping chocolate in Barcelona
Tapas. Hoooly crap. I clearly remember the fresh seafood-real mayo on lightly buttered crostini I had somewhere. It is one of the best things I’ve ever eaten. Also getting tapas with a 6’0” redhead with a political science degree from WSU, then two weeks later going on a date with a guy who was also a 6’0” redhead with a political science degree from WSU (who had a different voice), which turned into three years of dating on/off. Well, that was trippy. Also more generally meeting other tourists over tapas- one solo female traveler from Sweden who had been traveling throughout Europe for a year, and one guy who had quit his job to surf all over the world, first the Philippines for three months, then Israel, now Barcelona. He literally made no attempt to pick up any languages at all!

Sangria. It was so tasty and so cheap. And Prosecco because we could.

The beach. It was mediocre, at least the one we went to. Did you know their palm trees are imported from Hawaii?? It’s all fake!! But, the full moon here, at least on the day we were there, was the biggest full moon I have ever seen.
The beachfront in Barcelona
Being burnt out from traveling. My friend and I walk a lot and see a lot (on our first day of friendship, we walked 10 hours exploring Seattle). After 2 weeks of being in Europe at this pace, I was having sensory deprivation. Everything was starting to look the same. The old me would have been pissed about taking it slow or taking a day off, but the slower pace of life in Barcelona made it easier to just relax on the beach, drink, and recover, while still feeling like I was doing stuff. The me now realizes the importance of self care and that every day is not a race to do all the things.

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