How to save $12,000 in SIX MONTHS to travel

Hi lovelies ❤️  Today, I’m going to talk to you about travel and money!

Some people think they can’t travel because they don’t have money. Well you can, you just have to save! So this is how you can save $2,000 each month for six months to travel. What, that’s more than some people make each month? Well whatever, I work hard and don’t take handouts, so follow these tips! And please scroll to the disclaimer below if this makes you uncomfortable.


I already make food at home because I can’t afford to eat out. One day I thought, “what if I just stopped eating? Then my grocery bill of $20 / week would drop down to $0.” So I did! Well I eat the free food at work so M-F between 9-5, and if the dumpsters outside Domino’s have pizza, I do get something.

Savings per month: $80


Rent is SO EXPENSIVE in Seattle! The average one bedroom is seriously $1400. Previously, I had been living in the living room of a two bedroom with three people to cut down on costs, but then I realized that I could travel more if I didn’t have to pay rent or utilities. Since I can’t stay at my parents or with a significant other for free, now I sleep in Wal-Mart parking lots.

Savings per month: $789 ($665 – rent; $124 – utilities)


I don’t own a car, so I already don’t pay for insurance/gas/parking/etc. All the other people of the internet stopped using their cars to save for travel, but I wasn’t sure how I could be like them if I can’t afford a car in the first place. Then I realized I could illegally sell my free bus pass and walk three hours to get to work!

Savings per month: $100


I don’t buy clothes because I would rather spend disposable income on other things (and clothes abroad fit me better anyway- honestly, the last time I bought new jeans was Europe 2014). So I purged my closet and instead of cycling through the same seven outfits every week, I only have one to choose from!

Savings per month: $150 (my clothes are mostly thrifted and falling apart okay)


This is the big one- most of my money goes to loans! Funnily enough, I have never seen someone make a post like this who also has student loans. Coincidence? I think not. I figured if I just stop paying, then I would save so much money!

Savings per month: $900

Disclaimer: This post is sarcasm.

Some of the posts I’ve seen about “how to save X in X months for traveling” have really bothered me because they’re asking people to cut back on things that are already outside of most people’s budgets. Telling people to stop eating out every day doesn’t help the people who can’t afford to eat out every day, for example.

I am not saying all these posts are bad. Knowing how to save money is such an important skill- whether it’s for travel, emergency funds, retirement, whatever! And there are a ton of people who post and do recognize the privilege they have with a steady middle+ class income/people who can help them, and it’s awesome to see their hard work pay off into fun experiences! I just wanted to write something to potentially put it in perspective for the rest.

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