A (mediocre) photo tour of Prague

My first trip to Europe was almost three years ago. I didn’t write anything down (pro tip: write things you want to remember down), and I have pictures from only a few of the cities my friend and I visited (pro tip: take pictures and back them up), so I remember very little of this trip… Except that I had a blast! Prague especially was beautiful, laid back, friendly, historical, artsy, and you could wander around with no plans in mind, yet still end up seeing and learning a lot! That’s what me and my friend did, anyway. I recently found some pictures that brought back memories of what we did, so walk down memory lane with me.


img_1348It scares me, but I honestly don’t remember going here or what this is. I’m sure I was appropriately wow’d by the gothic architecture at the time (because 1/4 of the Prague pictures I took are of this).

img_1438Okay technically this was outside Prague. This is the Sedlec Ossuary, a chapel decorated with… human bones!!! After someone we met recommended we check it out, we bussed over, and it turned out to be one of the most unique things I’ve ever seen. 90s goth me would have been so happy.

img_1434Graffiti at the Lennon Wall that resonated with me.


img_1450We were randomly exploring one of the many large parks in Prague when we ran into this haunting memorial on communism. If you notice, the man is slowly falling apart as the stairs go further up.

IMG_1384.JPGDeeper into the park you could walk through old ruins and see old castles.

img_1407The Dancing House in Prague. Though it was cool and unique, trekking all the way here solidified to me that I’m not a sights checklist traveler, but a wander around/adventure/food traveler (I did drag my friend here though). What do you do after you oooh and ahhh??

img_1393Did you know sometimes when you see people post on Instagram popular places with no tourists, it’s because they photoshop all the people (and birds) out?

IMG_1422.JPGWhen you think of Prague, you may think of the gorgeous faded pastel structures. Well look at this cool building with people painted on!


img_1360One of our meals in Prague. My friend is a vegetarian (for over half her life I think!) and while my local cuisine options were usually meat and potatoes (one variety is what is pictured above), hers was almost always fried cheese. So, we got Indian food on the last day.

img_1454The beer in Prague is so refreshing and earthy!  My two favorites were Staropramen and Pilsner Urquell. I remember because I took pictures of the menus, which was smart. Also pictured is absinthe, which was not smart. Anyway, the people at this bar were really friendly and were asking us about the Seattle Supersonics and Run DMX.  

3 thoughts on “A (mediocre) photo tour of Prague

      1. Prague is actually one of the few places I haven’t written about! I loved all the gothic architecture, and I remember being blown away by the cathedral by the castle. Charles Bridge was actually in scaffolding so that’s one reason I need to go back lol! And I loved the Fred & Ginger building too, although it was a bit out of the way! 🙂


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