Three easy & beautiful hikes in Washington state

Lookout showing the lake and snow covered mountains

I love being outdoors, and I would like to live in a world where everyone appreciates it and its tranquility as well. One thing I’ve learned, though, is that the difficulty of a hike doesn’t necessarily affect how pretty it is. Easy hikes, hard hikes, medium hikes, bushwhacking- they can all be amazing in their own way. So, out-of-shape people (i.e. me after winter) who think that hiking isn’t for them because it’s hard, here are some of the more approachable, yet still gorgeous hikes I’ve found so far:

Snow Lake

Alpine lakes are the most beautiful thing ever, and this is so far the least challenging one I’ve hiked to. Summer is my favorite time to go, and it’s important to stay hydrated!!


Lookout showing the lake and snow covered mountains

Lake and trees at the end of Snow Lake

Heather Lake

This one doesn’t have much incline and it’s only like 1.9 miles, but the ‘danger’ is that it can be very slippery. Once we got to the lake, we ended up walking around the perimeter, which had so many beautiful areas. One sad thing though was everyone on this hike (and it was crowded) was so unfriendly/antisocial. All of the hikes on this list are actually pretty busy, but this one had the saddest people!



Little Si

This is probably the most challenging of this list (but not that challenging in general). I actually ditched my friends while on this trail to hike with this adorable, high energy 5 year old. Cutest kid ever 😍 . If he can do it, we all can.

No pictures because I lost the phone I had at the time (if you didn’t post something on social media, did you really do it? 🤔). 

(Bonus) Rattlesnake Ridge

Because I have no pictures of Little Si, here’s one more to remember. This is probably the most well known hike here-maybe since it’s closeish to the city and easyish to do.


Lake at the end of Rattlesnake Ridge




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