Normally what draws people to these posts are the pictures. Talented photographers with perfectly instagrammabled photos but often mediocre suggestions in the same area of the city. Well, this article is not one of those. Here are some delectable suggestions that are all over the place (to encourage exploring on a time crunch) and absolutely [...]

Life changes: A not travel related post on a so called travel blog

A few months ago, I posted that I was basically depressed (but then I deleted it because it was too real). Fast forward to New Years Eve 2017, and despite the fact that Donald Trump and his administration are still in power, I am no longer depressed. What changed? 1.I live closer to people I [...]

This was the most San Francisco moment, ever

This was the most San Francisco moment, ever

I love San Francisco and the Bay Area. With its art, music, and food scenes, there's always something happening. People are constantly creating and finding ways to express themselves and sharing this with others, which to me, is what it means to be human. Plus, everyone is diverse and socially aware (read: not Trump supporters). Being there just makes [...]